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Public officials have a wider duty of care to protect children

Jail corrupt judgesDavid Gale is making a call for public officials to be properly held to account where their failure to act on evidence is demonstrated.

Speaking after South Yorkshire police agreed to review their investigation of an alleged paedophile case after Gale’s intervention, David Gale said, “There is increasing evidence of courts, children’s services and the police ignoring their wider duty of care. In cases that include child abuse, the professionals are shuffling around in ‘jobswurf’ mode pointing the finger of responsibility elsewhere. We’re already seeing signs of this in the Savile case but I have other examples gained through contacts from my campaign.”

David Gale said: “The current regulatory framework is entirely toothless. Let there be no mistake, where judges, children’s services and police officers have evidence to suspect that a child may be at risk and yet ignore their wider duty of care, for whatever reason, that is a form of institutionalised corruption. I will not hesitate to publish the names of those involved for them to be held to public account.”


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