Police brand Commissioner candidate with false criminal record

False recordTheft, assault and failure to meet bail conditions were just some of the convictions included in a three page false criminal record held by police on a candidate for their own police commissioner’s role. Following a tip-off from within the force in October 2013, former Derbyshire Police Commissioner candidate David Gale made an application to see the records held on him, both locally on Derbyshire Constabulary’s operational log, as well as those held on computer systems run by the national Criminal Records Office. For a £10 fee, anyone can make a ‘Subject Access Request’ for sight of their own records.

Gale is Chief Executive of the voluntary organisation Kids for Cash UK which investigates corruption in the social care and family court systems, as well as exposing paedophiles. The disclosure of a false criminal record comes as Gale’s team of investigators has launched multiple formal complaints on behalf of victims against corrupt police officers and social workers.

Gale said, “At first, I didn’t understand why I was being pointed in the direction of making a formal request. I’ve had checks in the past and knew that I should have a completely clean record. What concerns me is that my professional contracts are dependent on security clearance. I’ve had a number of contracts over the past two years where I’ve agreed a start date and then not received the contract offer at the point at which my references were being checked.”

Whilst the criminal record was a shock to Gale, the local police records, finally provided in January 2014, turned out to be just as disturbing: “As one of three witnesses who faced months of intimidation prior to and after a court trial, I’ve been trying to uncover the reasons why police failed to investigate. It now appears that the police inspector that blocked the investigation was a known associate of some of those involved in the orchestrated witness intimidation. The police log shows that records captured during the witness intimidation were not logged, were incorrect, and, in some cases, just fabricated. The police inspector is evidenced as having given five different and conflicting explanations of his behaviour. Worse still, the log shows that evidence gathered during an investigation on behalf of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) was withheld from the Crown Prosecution Service.” A number of the perpetrators identified by independent witnesses have yet to be interviewed by Derbyshire police.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire Constabulary confirmed that the record would have appeared on the police national computer and that Gale would have to undergo a fingerprint test to prove his innocence. However, the Association of Chief Police Officers that runs the Criminal Records Office (ACRO) refused to provide the information about the data fields that had returned the incorrect record. Instead, ACRO now claim that “there was an administrative error during a manual search” and that “Mr Gale’s record was always clean”.

In February 2014, the Information Commissioner’s Office announced an investigation into ACRO’s management of the criminal records system. Recent estimates claim that up to 20,000 people in the UK have a criminal record wrongfully attributed to their identity. The impact can be severe for employment prospects.

The false criminal record comes after Gale received a formal apology in 2012 from Derby City Council bosses for an evidenced smear campaign against him conducted by senior officers, following Gale blowing the whistle on the city council’s £20 million of lost savings and duplicated spend. The Local Government Ombudsman claimed that it had no powers to hold officers and councillors to account for libelling members of the public and that the only redress available was through the High Court.



David Gale | Interim Chief Executive | Kids for Cash UK | w: http://www.KidsForCashUK.org

Kids for Cash UK – protecting vulnerable children by exposing paedophiles and investigating criminal corruption in the family justice and social care systems

David Gale’s Facebook page is available via: http://www.DavidGaleUK.org

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