Derby Magistrates in the Dock

Derby Magistrates' CourtMagistrates in Derby have issued a liability order against a father despite the Child Support Agency (CSA) admitting that it could not provide a copy of the legally required assessment. The claim made by the CSA represents monies to be paid to a mother who has been adjudged in a previous court hearing to be the perpetrator of serious criminal offences against the father who has been alienated from his child.

In a court hearing at Derby Magistrates’ Court, David Gale evidenced that no assessment had been provided by the Child Support Agency. The assessment is a statutory requirement without which a liability order cannot be lawfully granted. When asked by magistrates for a copy of the assessment order, the CSA’s presenting officer, Elizabeth Isles, said that an assessment had been made but that the father might not have received it and that she couldn’t provide the court with a copy.

The criminal offences committed by the mother include domestic violence, fraud, perjury and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, as well as a prolonged campaign of harassment and witness intimidation. She is also evidenced as having sedated the child with an adult strength antipsychotic drug before removing him from the family home. The witness intimidation, orchestrated by the mother with the help of others, involved targeting three witnesses over a period of nearly a year prior to and following a court trial in 2011, in which the mother was evidenced as a sociopathic liar.

Despite the 2011 court ruling against the mother and agreeing that there were criminal matters for the attention of Derbyshire Constabulary, a police inspector blocked the investigation. It has since been evidenced that the police officer is a known associate of some of those involved in the witness intimidation and that the police allocated a false three page criminal record to the father’s identity on the police national computer.

Kids for Cash UK (K4CUK) is seeing increasing evidence of malpractice descending into criminality as agencies attempt to short cut legal processes. Other victims have confirmed to K4CUK that the CSA is now routinely ‘losing’ documents that are inconvenient to it business targets.

Volunteer CEO of K4CUK, David Gale said,

“Not only has the court ignored its wider legal duty of care to a victim of serious crime but it has rubber-stamped an unevidenced application from an agency that, by its own admission, has lost multiple copies of documents that are damaging to its case.”

“This case is just one of a number of Kids for Cash UK case studies that have been selected because they have clearly documented audit trails of malpractice and corruption across multiple agencies. This morning, we set out to demonstrate the collusion of the court with a government agency that is evidenced as being involved in the wide scale abuse of its powers.”

“What kind of message have Derby’s magistrates sent out to victims of crime? Public services have long since passed the tipping point where victims of crime can anticipate anything more than serial abuse, as agencies and courts ignore their wider legal duty of care and put processes and targets before people.”

See the CSA whistleblowers’ account at:



David Gale | Interim Chief Executive | Kids for Cash UK | w:

Kids for Cash UK – protecting vulnerable children by exposing paedophiles and investigating criminal corruption in the family justice and social care systems

David Gale’s Facebook page is available via:

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