You’re nicked!

Joshua BonehillEven when modern technology is involved, there’s no substitute for old fashioned ‘coppering’. As a result of information passed to Avon and Somerset police by myself and others, Joshua Bonehill has pleaded guilty to malicious communications and will be sentenced on 4th April 2014. Bonehill is one of the UKIP ‘Black Ops’ team that I highlighted in my 2013 resignation letter to Nigel Farage. The current main charge relates to the story on the Globe pub in Leicester which was forced to close after fake social media posts  maliciously suggested that the landlord had banned armed forces personnel.

Whilst Bonehill is no longer a UKIP member, my investigations evidence that he has maintained close contact with existing members. The evidence that I passed to police in 2013 suggests that there is much more to this than the charges that have so far been raised but I am aware that Avon and Somerset police are now collating information that may lead to further charges. I will be particularly interested to see if the evidence of UKIP’s Chris Pain being targeted via a cloned Facebook page materialises into criminal charges. I am still involved in ongoing investigations relating to UKIP.

As voluntary CEO of kids for Cash UK (K4CUK), I coordinate a team of volunteers that includes ex-police officers and those with experience in dealing with victims of serious crime. K4CUK continues its deep investigations into malpractice and corruption in the social care and family justice systems. K4CUK has a number of live investigations involving child sex abuse where there is evidenced corruption within public services.

The Globe story is here: http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/Globe-pub-threats-Joshua-Bonehill-Paine-pleads/story-20806200-detail/story.html



David Gale | Interim Chief Executive | Kids for Cash UK | w:http://www.KidsForCashUK.org

Kids for Cash UK – protecting vulnerable children by exposing paedophiles and investigating criminal corruption in the family justice and social care systems

David Gale’s Facebook page is available via: https://www.facebook.com/DavidGaleCampaignNews

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