Brits Leader takes the Trinity Warriors Challenge

David Gale - Trinity WarriorsBritish Independents Leader David Gale takes the Trinity Warriors breakdancing challenge

56 year old Brits Leader David Gale has called for a minimum of 2.5 hrs per week of physical exercise in schools as part of the party’s policy to prevent obesity from bankrupting the NHS.

David Gale Trinity Warriors - BWGale said, “Obesity is a rising epidemic that costs the NHS over £6bn per year. It is simply unsustainable to carry on as we are. British Independents believes that habits and culture are instilled at an early age and that our current state education system is failing our children and condemning them to a life of ill health at a cost that is unsustainable to the NHS. Joining up education and health policies is just one area where joined-up thinking can save £billions.”

“Dance has been an important part of my personal fitness regime for over twenty five years. It’s a great way to have fun and stay in shape. Dancing with Trinity Warriors, one of the world’s top crews, was an awesome, if slightly daunting, experience! Special thanks to Paco for getting me into that pencil freeze!”

British Independents Health Policy Summary: http://www.britishindependents.org/index.php/policies/item/12-hands-off-our-nhs




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