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Child Sex Abuse – The Real Story

David Gale Kids for Cash UKDavid Gale is voluntary CEO of (K4CUK) and reports on the smoke and mirrors around child sex abuse being propagated by the establishment.

So, did you buy the line about the terrible incompetence of social workers, following the revelations about the sexual abuse of children in care?

The real story is that it wasn’t incompetence.

In the cases in which K4CUK has been investigating, one common truth emerges time after time. This is not about incompetence. It’s about children in care being farmed out by social workers for abuse. A deliberate, orchestrated production line of children made available for abuse by the very individuals charged with their care.

The cases include locations in London, Leicester, North Wales, Gloucestershire and South Yorkshire. A number of victims in those locations have also talked about being asked by their abusers to go to Amsterdam. It is already reported that Amsterdam was a location regularly used by UK paedophile networks for the production of child pornography.

Leicestershire child sex abuse cases

Since 2012, K4CUK has been working with Leicestershire victims who allege that social workers knowingly put them into situations where sexual abuse had taken place over a prolonged period. Documentary evidence that we have seen confirms that social workers colluded to falsify social care records to conceal their activities.

In February 2014, I called for the historic cases in Leicestershire to be reviewed. Shortly before that, I had asked Mick Creedon, Derbyshire’s Chief Constable, for details of a social services file that had been withheld from a court trial in the Nineties. Creedon was the Detective Sergeant that led the Leicestershire investigation centred around Frank Beck. The file is alleged to have included a letter(s) from Beck warning senior social workers about the attentions of a Leicestershire MP focused on a young boy in care. Creedon refused to provide a response to K4CUK.

In September 2014, Sir Clive Loader, Leicestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, announced a review of all historic cases in Leicestershire, to take place in 2015. Within days, Creedon went public with an allegation that he had been leant on by senior officers to prevent him from investigating Greville Janner MP. Apparently, Creedon hadn’t seen fit to mention this in the previous twenty years, despite the case having been reviewed on multiple occasions. We’ve since coordinated our investigation with a national newspaper which, in April 2015, posed the same questions to Creedon. Again, he has refused to answer. The wider questions now arise: did Creedon and others conspire to pervert the course of justice by withholding the file relating to Janner from a previous court trial? Why didn’t social workers and police act upon the initial receipt of those letter(s)? It’s worth mentioning at this point that barrister Anthony Scrivener QC is reported as having recovered a copy of the file shortly before Beck’s scheduled appeal hearing in the Nineties. Beck ‘died’ in prison just a few days before the hearing.

Don’t shoot the messenger…

You might have gleaned from this that I might not be the most popular individual with a number of senior police officers. However, I still have a few friends ‘on the job’, some of whom have warned me about having a large target on my back. One of the tip-offs resulted in me lodging a subject access request with the Criminal Records Office (ACRO). The response evidenced a three page record of serious crime unlawfully attributed to my identity on the Police National Computer. I am reliant upon security clearance for professional contracts. Early responses to my plight suggested that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) was going to investigate. However, the ICO has since reported that it has no criminal jurisdiction over ACRO. Following letters from myself and a number of (cross party) MPs, it’s now apparent that neither the Home Secretary nor the Policing Minister know who has criminal jurisdiction over the Criminal Records Office or the Police National Computer.

Another police officer acquaintance has confirmed that the unlawful allocation of fake criminal records to ‘targets’ is common place, with those responsible believing that the practice is virtually undetectable. I can also report that every aspect of my professional and personal life has been under sustained attack since launching Kids for Cash UK in 2012. I have now evidenced multiple organisations conspiring to pervert the course of justice and abusing court processes whilst contriving false allegations against me. A West Midlands MP asked me for details of my case as he believes that he has evidence of others campaigning on establishment child sex abuse and social care system corruption being similarly targeted with fake criminal records. Following my recent letter to Dame Anne Owers, Chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), the IPCC has responded by declining to investigate, having ‘placed my letter on file’.

Multi-agency collusion…

Did you swallow the line about police failing to communicate with children’s services? In many of the cases that we have been investigating, the two services appear to have communicated very well… about how to ‘maintain public confidence’ by cover up.

The collusion between police and children’s services doesn’t just stop at children in care. Despite the secrecy required by the courts on matters relating to children, thanks to Lord Justice Wall, K4CUK has one case to which I can refer that evidences collusion between multiple agencies to frame the mother of a victim of an alleged paedophile abuser. The mother made the mistake of believing the allegations made by her daughter against the brother of a police officer. That police officer is evidenced as having intimidated junior social workers and having interfered with South Yorkshire Constabulary’s initial investigation. Earlier this year, I sent a letter to South Yorkshire’s Chief Constable, regarding his force’s failure to have the case reviewed by the Crown Prosecution Service.

I can now report that further investigations have evidenced two Nottinghamshire detectives sifting through Ministry of Justice records in a desperate attempt to concoct a cover story for the unlawful imprisonment of Victoria Haigh, following her emergency release after K4CUK’s intervention.

In 2013, prior to her imprisonment, I accompanied Victoria Haigh to Doncaster Police Station where we presented documents to detectives evidencing Doncaster Children’s Services as having withheld evidence from a previous court hearing relating to the allegations made by the daughter. Within a matter of days, a scheme had been put in place to frame Ms Haigh but they hadn’t counted on me using my most pompous Colonel Blimp voice to secure the entire file from a hapless clerk in the Ministry of Justice. On calling the MoJ, it became obvious that the clerk didn’t have English as his first language:

“Hello, this is David Gale, Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Derbyshire. Now look here, I understand that you have a file on Victoria Haigh. The reference number is XXXX. I’d like you to send me a copy immediately.”

He duly sent me the entire file. The file demonstrated that someone hadn’t been very thorough in concocting a plan to remove the troublesome Ms Haigh from the scene, courtesy of a stay in HMP Peterborough. I interviewed witnesses, took statements, and very quickly found links between the alleged paedophile, an individual making an accusation against Ms Haigh, Doncaster Children’s Services, the Ministry of Justice, and Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire Constabularies. I even found evidence that a senior South Yorkshire police officer had lied about his own ‘investigations’ to throw us off the trail. To coin a phrase from my time in the police service, they were ‘banged to rights’.

National Crime Agency

I documented my findings to the National Crime Agency (NCA), in the mistaken belief that they would coordinate a criminal investigation across all of the involved agencies. In best Sir Humphrey style, the NCA prevaricated, obfuscated and generally obstructed, before responding to my contact as though I had made a formal complaint against the NCA. Months later, I received through the post a large brown envelope that appeared to have been sent from an address used by MI5. It contained an entire dossier evidencing that someone had been investigating me! To this day, I still don’t know who was responsible for sending that dossier.


It’s worth recounting the circumstances and list of coincidences in the Leicestershire / Janner cases:

  • A number of the involved children have disappeared or committed suicide
  • One of Janner’s aides, Alan Senitt, was murdered in Washington DC in 2006
  • Frank Beck died in prison just days before his appeal hearing in which evidence allegedly implicating Janner was going to be presented
  • There is documentary evidence of collusion and records falsification within the social care records of victims
  • A ranking police officer who was similarly accused committed suicide before his trial
  • Ian Henning, the legal executive (and ex-police officer,) who discovered Leicesetershire police’s withholding of evidence and successfully sued Leicestershire Constabulary after a prolonged period of police harassment, was killed in a road traffic accident
  • Creedon claims (Sept 2014) to have been leant on not to investigate Janner but kept quiet about that for twenty years until K4CUK pushed to get Leicestershire Constabulary’s review of historic cases moving in 2014
  • Michelle Raynor, who was murdered whilst allegedly working as a prostitute, was last seen at the Jolly Miller public House on Conduit Street, Leicester, which is linked to some of the abusers and a police informant. *UPDATE 31.05.16* Direct links now discounted following archive research.
  • The pub was in close proximity to Charles Street police station and was a meeting place for police officers on the evenings of nearby lodge meetings
  • The pub’s landlord is reported by a victim as being a police informant and a regular invitee (along with her guardian) to the Leicestershire Constabulary annual ball.
  • The pub is on the doorstep of the home of a social worker who was accused of providing children for abuse. That social worker is one of a number who are evidenced as falsifying social care records, all of whom are known associates of Frank Beck
  • The pub is just across the road from Victoria Park public toilets (a notorious ‘cottaging’ location)
  • A serving MP and ex-Minister is reported as being engaged in sexual activity at the same toilets, as well as having been seen at a local children’s home in ‘unusual’ circumstances
  • The pub is in close proximity to one of the childrens’ care homes in Beck’s charge
  • A few days after I put a national newspaper journalist onto Anthony Scrivener QC as a potential source of the social services file that appears to have been withheld by police from the Beck trial, this happens:
  • Documentary evidence of child in care being offered financial inducements by a Leicestershire police officer to implicate Beck:
  • The Jolly Miller public house on Conduit Street, Leicester was just 0.2 miles away from the Highfields Law Centre at 6 Seymour Street. Under judicial review, the Highfields Law Centre successfully challenged an ‘immediate closure’ order from Leicester City Council in 1986, the same year as Beck’s resignation following the council’s initial child abuse investigation.
  • Both Frank Beck and paedophile Peter Righton wrote for the publication Social Work Today
  • Much of the supporting material has been delisted from Google.
  • Leicestershire Abuse Timeline here (scroll halfway)
  • Since 2012, K4CUK has been working with a survivor of child sex abuse who was in the care of the local authority in the Nineties. She has now confirmed via documentary evidence that, as a nine year old, she was regularly taken at weekends and school holidays to a bedsit within close proximity of the Leicester ‘hot spot’. Here she was abused by up to five males. Two of the five have since been successfully prosecuted. A number of social workers are documentarily evidenced as having falsified the child’s care record to avoid any reference to the bedsit address. At least two senior social workers are evidenced as having ignored a court care order and having falsified a criminal allegation in an attempt to neutralise the victim’s allegations. At least one of the involved social workers had direct links to convicted paedophile Frank Beck. The victim’s case illustrates that the sexual abuse of children in care, facilitated by social workers, continued unabated long after the Beck case was brought to trial.
  • Original article contained, “This has the mark of somebody’s security services all over it.” ***NEW**** February 2016 – We have now recovered documentary evidence that suggests the involvement of the security services and that Frank Beck may have been telling the truth when he claimed to have links to MI5.

Please note that this document is *LIVE* and is updated as a result of our ongoing investigations.

Last updated: 31st May 2016

David Gale | Voluntary Chief Executive | Kids for Cash UK | w:

Kids for Cash UK – investigating child abuse and criminal corruption in the family justice and social care systems

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