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Did Derby City Council destroy paedo evidence?

Hard Drive HammerIn a witness statement provided to Derbyshire police, a Derby City Council manager is referenced as complaining that a council director ordered the destruction of a computer hard drive after sexually explicit images of children were discovered on a leading councillor’s computer.

The images and web links were allegedly found during a routine security sweep of council owned PCs. The manager claims to have made a formal written report of the findings to an assistant director who instructed the manager to tell no one and to destroy the written report.

The manager later discovered that the PC’s hard drive had been destroyed, eliminating any evidence that might have been available for prosecution. The manager, in a state of distress, complained to another assistant director, telling him, “We’ve found some pictures on [Councillor]’s hard drive. [Assistant Director] has spoken to [Councillor] and then ordered that the hard drive be destroyed.”

When asked what type of pictures had been found, the manager said, “They’re disgusting… very young. It’s too late. they’ve destroyed it (hard drive).

When asked if there was any other evidence, the manager reported, “Only my written report but I was told to destroy that as well.”

A subsequent investigation by Derbyshire Constabulary confirmed that there was no available evidence to pursue a prosecution.

Kids for Cash UK volunteer and Derby South parliamentary candidate David Gale said,

“It’s obvious that internal processes and procedures cannot prevent favours being called in by those with power and influence. This and other cases demonstrate the urgent need for external scrutiny of public services with an associated hotline. British Independents advocates the setting up of a Public Investigations Bureau to replace all public services regulatory bodies but with additional powers to conduct criminal investigations across organisations, including the police.”

Law & Order policy summary:

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