The Disgrace of our Judicial System

Judges will go to jailIt’s been two and a half years since my original post exposing judicial complicity in malpractice and criminality within our court systems.

The scale of the malpractice that was evidenced to me in 2012 is not something that any right thinking person could walk away from. On the back of that experience, I founded Kids for Cash UK which has since gone on to successfully demand the reopening of the Leicestershire Child Sex Abuse inquiry, as well as securing the release of a mother who was unlawfully imprisoned as a result of contrived criminal charges designed to silence her. Her case, better than any other, evidences, in hard documentary form, the collusion of multiple public sector bodies, including the courts.

My involvement in areas outside child protection has similarly led me to conclude that as well as being involved in malpractice and collusion, a number of judges are acting as legal fees brokers, writing business for solicitor and barrister colleagues on a scale hitherto unimaginable.

Orrell Directorship

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Let’s look at a few examples:
This is the Companies House record for Judge Orrell, for nearly a decade a director of Relate, an organisation that provides commercial services, including child counselling, to local authorities. This is the same HHJ Orrell who is famed for his fifteen minute care order hearings. When Kids for Cash UK exposed this serving Derby family court judge awarding care orders to local authority clients, the first response of Relate was to ‘reorganise’, dissolving the company and, in the process, the records that went with it. My letter referencing this to LJ Munby, President of the Family Division of the High Court, was ignored.

David DouceThis is Derby District Judge Douce. Douce is reported as having ignored evidence of risk to children in multiple cases. In one evidenced pre-trial hearing, Douce ignored documentary evidence of over twenty instances of a non-molestation order having been breached by the mother who had obtained the order without presenting evidence to the court. Douce also dismissed independent evidence presented to him of the likelihood of harm being caused to a child by the mother. Instead, Douce threatened to imprison the father if he returned telephone calls from his distressed son. Douce ordered a lucrative full day’s trial with a consequential three month delay in proceedings, leaving a child in the hands of a mother evidenced as having mental health difficulties.

The child has since been evidenced as having been sedated and subjected to intense psychological harm by the mother who was later arrested for harassing witnesses prior to the trial. The trial concluded that there was not a scintilla of evidence to substantiate the mother’s allegations and the previous granting of an ex-parte non-molestation order. It was later evidenced that the solicitor had colluded with the mother to concoct an allegation of abuse as a fast-track to obtaining legal aid. The mother has since publicly admitted that her allegations were false and yet no prosecution has followed.

HSBCDerby’s Deputy District Judge Roberts has been included in a criminal complaint as aiding and abetting HSBC in a legal fees scam evidence of which has now been provided to a House of Commons Select Committee. Roberts is evidenced as having refused to take account of a letter from HSBC admitting fault. The bank’s solicitors knowingly submitted a perjurious statement, with the bank then going on to charge its legal costs to the respondent in a fraudulent scam that is evidenced as being replicated on an industrial scale.

GatsoIn a pre-trial hearing of a speeding case, a scientist from the National Physical Laboratory presented evidence to the court that called into question the maintenance procedures for GATSO speed camera equipment. The judge ordered that, in the forthcoming trial, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) must provide its own expert witness to rebut the compelling evidence from the defence’s expert witness. At stake was the potential review of thousands of speeding cases. From the outset, the intention of the defence was to evidence a court manipulating its process to protect interested parties.

On the day of the trial, CPS arrived at court without the expert witness ordered by the judge in the pre-trial hearing. After a lengthy delay, it was announced that the original judge had suddenly been taken ill and that a new judge had been found for the hearing. Derby District Judge Stobart dismissed the defence’s expert witness’s evidence on the basis that he didn’t think that the Home Office would have neglected consideration of the potential for such failings when certifying the GATSO equipment. When asked what evidence he had to make his ruling, the judge admitted to not having any. For CPS to turn up to court without an expert witness, it must have had a prior expectation of being allowed to proceed with the prosecution.

This is just a handful of the cases that I have seen where malpractice and criminality within the courts has been thoroughly evidenced. In those cases that have been reported to the police, the usual response is that the “police cannot investigate matters relating to the court”. Of course, this is patently untrue. The police have a duty to investigate crime wherever it is reported but, for the moment, errant judges are protected from prosecution by every regulatory body that is tasked with holding them to account.

Those with deep pockets are able to challenge judicial decision making but, increasingly, bent judges are relying on the exorbitant costs of appeal as a means of protecting themselves from effective scrutiny and governance. I have evidenced the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office turning a blind eye to gross malpractice and even criminal collusion. Anyone expecting parliamentary scrutiny over court malpractice would do well to remember that our corridors of power are stuffed to the brim with solicitors and barristers, many of whom have on-going commercial interests in law firms.

We have a judicial system that is increasingly being allowed to bring the Law into disrepute. It’s time that we scrapped the outdated concept of judicial independence. It is time to hold judges to account.


David Gale | Voluntary Chief Executive | Kids for Cash UK | w:

Kids for Cash UK – protecting vulnerable children by exposing paedophiles and investigating criminal corruption in the family justice and social care systems

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  1. Hi David, is there any chance you can contact me regarding help with Judge Douce? I am seriously distressed regarding his attitude in ignoring evidence in my family’s case.

  2. hi DAVID I saw you Article about JDUGE ORRELL ,I am wondering if you will be interested in my story my story judge history miss handling Residency cases . in clouding mine . if your interested . please get back to me I will give you the full story . kind regards Susan

  3. Hi David, I have and am still going through the effects of a ‘whistle blowing’ disclosure against Derby City Council, I would really like to provide you with the full details of their coverup.

  4. perverse and corrupt justice is all over the country, there are 2 bent judges from teeside courts read and wilby they both ignored the six year limitation property law in my case this is corruption and perverse justice i have the full case to back my mouth up. bent barristers and solicitors to look 4 robert toone barrister engine house leeds . jonathon french close thornton darlington andrew jackson solicitors york helen baxter from merritt solicitors yarm stockton on tees watson woodhouse middlesbrough wishlade solicitoes stockton on tees regards d lake

  5. remember the birmingham 6 the guilford 4 cardiff 3 the carl bridgewater case barry george case and thousands and thousands of more people falsley accused by this bent corrupt perverse justice system and still it goes on. their is no such thing as a misscarridge of justice it is bent judges bent barristers bent solicitors bent prosecution the full system is a cess pit of corruption ,lies ,conspiricy, perverse “justice” false accusations its full of the bent bastards d lake

  6. ;rahman revelli solicitors in bent police stated wasnt it “brave of lord condon ” to put a number on bent police . i wondered if he had time to put a number on bent solicitors barristers or could he find a computer big enough rhey all piss in the same pot d lake

  7. ive took them all to court bent solicitors , barristers , to sue them for a million pound for collusion ,corruption , conspiricy ,perjury ,perverting the course of justice d lake

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