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The Janner case – questions for Creedon and the IPCC

Click to enlargeIt’s interesting that Leicestershire’s Police & Crime Commissioner apparently did not know about his own force referring itself to the IPCC when he announced, in September 2014, that his force was going to conduct a review of  historic child sex abuse cases.

December 2012: I am asked by victim(s) of child sex abuse to investigate malpractice and corruption in a case(s) that is linked to the Leicestershire child sex abuse inquiry of the Nineties.

January 2014: Derbyshire’s Chief Constable, Mick Creedon, refuses to answer a question from me (as voluntary CEO of Kids for Cash UK – K4CUK) about missing evidence in the Beck trial that related to Greville Janner. Creedon was the Leicestershire Detective Sergeant that led the Beck investigation in the Nineties.

February 2014: Gale calls for Leicestershire child sex abuse inquiry to be reopened.

September 2014: Leicestershire Police & Crime Commissioner announces a review of historic cases to start in 2015.

September 2014: Creedon makes a public statement via The Times saying that he was leant on by senior officers not to investigate Janner.

23rd March 2015: K4CUK makes a formal complaint to the Chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), Dame Anne Owers, that includes documentary evidence pertinent to  Creedon and the Janner case.

1st April 2015: IPCC replies to K4CUK with ‘no further action / placed on file’.

April 2015: Creedon again refuses to answer K4CUK’s previous question on lost evidence, this time posed by a national newspaper.

30th April 2015: Leicestershire Constabulary claims that it referred itself to the IPCC in September 2014 and, as a consequence, will not be answering any further questions on the Beck / Janner case.

1st May 2015: I (K4CUK) send three written questions to the IPCC:

1. Can you confirm that, with regards to the Janner case, Leicestershire Constabulary referred itself to the IPCC in September 2014?

2. If the reports of the IPCC’s involvement are correct, please confirm at what stage the IPCC is at with its investigation.

3. Given that the information contained within my letter and attachments sent to (IPCC Chair) Dame Anne Owers on 23.03.15 included evidence pertinent to the Janner case, who authorised the ‘no further action / placed on file’ decision?

1st May 2015: The Times reports that Creedon is to be questioned by the IPCC.

It’s clear from one of the witness statements published by the Daily Mail that, in 1991, the then Detective Sergeant Creedon knew of Janner’s sexual abuse of children well before the Frank Beck trial and even questioned victim(s) on the matter. The wider question for Mick Creedon, Derbyshire’s current Chief Constable, is:

“Why did you stay silent for over twenty years about a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice perpetrated by senior Leicestershire police officers?”

1st May 2015


David Gale | Voluntary Chief Executive | Kids for Cash UK | w:

Kids for Cash UK – investigating child abuse and criminal corruption in the family justice and social care systems

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