Police investigate election crime in Derby South

Derby South election crimeDerbyshire Constabulary has confirmed that it is investigating reports of election offences committed during the 2015 parliamentary election campaign.

David Gale, British Independents’ parliamentary candidate for Derby South, confirmed that the allegations had come to light on the day following the general election and that documentary evidence and a witness statement had been provided to the police.

Gale said, “Only a few hours after I had thanked all of the candidates for a clean fight in Derby South, I was alerted by one of our researchers to a number of public posts on Facebook that contained untruthful claims about my personal and family life, together with a recommendation not to vote for me or for my party. The posts, made on the day before the election, have been shared and commented on by numerous individuals, a number of whom appear to be supporters or activists for UKIP. However, I’m quite sure that this vile action to influence an election has not been officially sanctioned by their party. It’s almost certain that the Facebook posts represent just the visible proportion of a smear campaign that will have been shared verbally across my constituency.”

“I enjoy taking on all-comers in political debate and expect a few jibes during any election but this was different. This was contrived personal smear being used to influence the course of an election and that is a straightforward criminal offence. I would estimate that the posts will have been seen by upwards of 10,000 people in Derby. We’ve provided the police with a witness statement and a number of exhibits but I can’t comment further whilst a police investigation is in progress.”

11th May 2015

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