David Gale – Derbyshire Police & Crime Commissioner Manifesto

David Gale - Derbyshire PCC Election

So, what do I stand for? My manifesto is little changed from the 2012 PCC election but we now have the benefit of four years’ experience of a PCC who has persistently looked the other way when evidence has been provided to him of police malpractice and corruption. The same individual previously had responsibility for overseeing police complaints when Derbyshire had one of the worst complaints records in the country.

Worse still, some of the evidenced malpractice in Derbyshire relates to children at risk and even shows Derby City Council and the police fabricating and destroying official records in an attempt to mitigate blame.

So, why do I think I can do a better job? Not only do I have the benefit of being an ex-old school copper, who has a thorough grounding in criminal law, but I also have spent twenty-five years in senior positions in both the public and private sectors improving services and efficiency. I am also Voluntary Chief Executive (no pay + no expenses) of Kids for Cash UK, an organisation that I founded following hundreds of contacts from members of the public during my 2012 PCC campaign.

Here’s what I’ve been up to since the last PCC election (you can click on each one for more details):

Investigated historic child sex abuse and successfully called for a review of cases on behalf of victims

Secured the release of an unlawfully imprisoned mother from prison after she was set up by multiple public agencies to silence her allegations of child sex abuse and police malpractice

Evidenced some of those campaigning on child sex abuse having had fake criminal records unlawfully attributed to their identities on the Police National Computer

Evidenced multi-agency collusion in a number of force areas where senior officers have turned a blind-eye to evidenced criminal activity between social workers and police officers

• Reported (2014) mortgage default fraud by HSBC to both the US & UK authorities. The US authorities have recently (2016) fined HSBC $470 million for this scam, whereas the UK regulator has done nothing. Note that it was originally reported to Derbyshire Constabulary, and the Financial Conduct Authority, both of whom failed to act

• Investigated and exposed a huge fraud in the court system linked to legal aid claimed on false claims of domestic violence encouraged by solicitors

Uncovered the destruction of files by Derbyshire police officers and the complicity of the Crown Prosecution Service in failing to provide victim reviews or recompile ‘lost’ prosecution files when offered with copies of evidence

Coordinated the investigation of the ‘other’ establishment players involved in the Janner-linked child sex abuse cases, liaising with national media outlets and holding senior police officers to account

The list goes on…

You may live in a leafy suburb or luscious rural environment where you have little or no contact with the police. You assume, then, that all is well. That’s a mistake. Whilst the majority of police officers are hard-working individuals, fully-focussed on serving their communities, there is a small cabal with Derbyshire Constabulary, and other public agencies, that are rotten to the core. Sadly, the local media appear content to stay silent despite having substantial evidence from many of the victims.

I have a huge hurdle to clear to raise the £5,000 deposit required for the PCC election to stand in the way of the same old party candidates, so I urge you to see through the public relations spin of the establishment and help me to rise to the challenge of bringing real justice to victims of crime.

Please help me to make a real difference for the people of Derbyshire.

David Gale
Prospective Candidate – Derbyshire Police & Crime Commissioner

David Gale’s Manifesto:

More Bobbies on the Beat • Tough on Crime • Tough on Criminals • Tough on Police • No Privatisation • Traditional British Policing

More Bobbies on the Beat

Everywhere I travel in the county, I hear the same consistent message: “We want more bobbies on the beat!” Well it’s time to listen to the people who pay the bills and deliver the kind of policing that they want. I will deliver governance over a business transformation strategy that will see the savings channelled straight back into front-line policing. I will commit to providing 50 additional Bobbies on the Beat within my four year term.

Tough on Crime

We have all had enough of the kid gloves approach to crime. If you commit an arrestable offence, you should expect to be arrested. I will have a zero-tolerance policy on everything from litter to anti-social behaviour.

Tough on Criminals

If you’re habitually involved in crime in Derbyshire, you should expect a particularly uncomfortable experience. In particular, I will ensure that there is a special focus to stamp out gang-related crime.

Tough on Police

Whilst the vast majority of officers have an absolute focus on delivering the best possible service to the public, there are always rogue elements that can contribute towards a rift between the police and the public they serve. I will look to instil a more traditional culture within the police service based on discipline and accountability, as well as bringing the police complaints process directly under my supervision as Police  Crime Commissioner.

No Privatisation

The lessons from privatisation within the police service are clear. It is bad for morale, delivers little in the way of service improvement and generally ends up costing more. I will not be looking to privatise police services unless there is common agreement that it is for the overall benefit of the service.

Traditional British Policing

The commitment to get more officers on the beat will lead to a return of the traditional beat copper. I want a beat officer to know everyone in their community so that all citizens become the eyes and ears of the Law. I want smart, fit, knowledgeable officers who are empowered to see a job through from start to finish without the interminable inefficiency and confusion of handovers. I want a consistent view of information to be available to an officer regardless of their location and I expect a strategy of co-operation between departments.

Published and Promoted by David Gale of British Independents at: 5 Church Street, Alvaston, Derby, DE24 0PR

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