Home Office squash Derbyshire Police Commissioner candidate

David Gale - Derbyshire PCC ElectionI am disappointed to report that I have had to withdraw my candidacy for Police and Crime Commissioner in Derbyshire. After evidencing Home Office officials covertly supplying the Policing Minister with false defamatory information about me, the Home Office has refused to supply details of that information, who supplied it, or where it is held.

It would be untenable for any Police Commissioner to take office when the Home Office was supplying ministers, and by extension, senior police officers, with false information about them.

I also felt compelled to disclose the Home Office activity to potential donors looking to cover the £5,000 election deposit and they agreed that, under the circumstances, we would have been left guessing as to whom the Home Office were going to supply negative information in the future.

Ironically, the smear campaign was exposed when the Policing Minister cancelled, at short notice, a scheduled meeting with me, in January 2016. The meeting was to discuss the lack of criminal jurisdiction over the Criminal Records Office (ACRO), following my having evidenced, in 2013, myself and other campaigners investigating establishment child abuse being allocated fake criminal records on the Police National Computer (PNC). An MP involved in brokering the meeting stated that the meeting had been cancelled as a result of negative information supplied to the minister. The MP quoted the minister as saying, “He (David Gale) is a very bad man”.

I will continue to hold the police to account on behalf of local people and will push for a response from Chief Constable Mick Creedon as to why he stayed silent for over twenty years about having been leant on by senior Leicestershire officers not to investigate Greville Janner.

In the next few days, I will release a copy of my letter to the Home Secretary in which I lay out the evidence of Home Office officers having supplied the defamatory information to the Policing Minister, Mike Penning. I have also written to the Information Commissioner’s Office, the Police Authority Returning Officer, and the Electoral Commission since it appears that the Home Office has interfered with a democratic election process.

David Gale
18th April 2016

Categories: Government, Police

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