David Gale – Alvaston Ward


I’m standing as the British Independents candidate for Alvaston ward in Derby City Council’s 2016 local elections. I grew up on Courtland Drive in Alvaston in the Sixties, went to school at Alvaston and Boulton Junior School, and have lived on Church Street for the past ten years. I’m not a freemason, I’m not pledged to a brotherly bond, and I have no financial or business interests that relate to the city council.

However, I am a thorn in the side of Derby City Council and regularly use full council meetings and ‘freedom of information’ requests to unearth truths that councillors would prefer you not to know about. I also run a voluntary organisation that investigates council and police malpractice, some of which is linked to organised child abuse. I’ve also led a number of investigations into banking fraud and have a reputation for being straight talking and utterly ruthless when I find corruption.

In common with a number of leading property developers and senior police officers, many of the leading councillors from the other parties share a secret brotherly bond as freemasons. I take great pride in having been labelled a ‘dangerous man’ by one of the local parties’ council leaders who is a senior ranking mason. It should come as no surprise that none of the other parties, nor the local media have supported my call for councillors to declare membership of clubs and associations.

Locally, I led the campaign that saw the removal of Orange’s telco mast in Alvaston, despite being told by Labour councillors that there was nothing that local residents could do. I am currently on the council’s case regarding the development of the velodrome, the lack of public swimming pool, and the erection of scaffold around No 3 Church Street as a way of ramping up costs against the owner. Being your councillor will give me more clout to put things right. You can help me to change the way our council works.

David Gale
May 2016

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