All we want for Christmas is a two-way street


Fed up residents of Church Street, Alvaston have added Christmas decorations to a Derby City Council erected roadblock that has been in place for nearly two years. The city council has alleged that a Grade II listed building is in danger of collapse despite a period property specialist builder dismissing the council’s claims as nonsense.

Alvaston Community Action Team leader David Gale said, “The council did not at first close off the footpath which tells its own story as to the contrived nature of the council’s allegations. Despite the council saying that the action was taken in response to a surveyor’s report, the surveyor did not arrive on site until ten weeks after the council officers made their claims of the building’s dangerous state. None of the scaffold is in direct contact with the building which evidences the council’s claims, that it was erected to support the building, as false.”

“It’s evident that the council is using the long-term hire of scaffold, fencing and traffic lights to rack up costs against the elderly owner as a means of gaining a court costs order to force him out. We are already aware of commercial interests linked to the council sniffing around the site as a potentially lucrative development plot. The council’s actions represent a straightforward abuse of its legal powers.”

A full chronological report of the council’s actions is detailed on the Alvaston Community Action Team’s Facebook page with a video here.

A contractor working on site confirmed to the Derbyshire Independent that senior city council officers were aware that the building was not in imminent danger of collapse. In response to the Derbyshire Independent’s request for further information, Derby City Council refused to provide a breakdown of its claimed costs of over £60,000.

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